World Sporting Goods

Since 1963, World Sporting Goods has provided innovative, reliable football solutions for coaches and players. Our simple design promotes proper technique to develop players’ skills, speed and agility. Our blocking and tackling sleds, chutes, and dummies are favorites among some of the nations top football coaches, equipment managers, and athletes.

At World Sporting Goods, we listen to coaches like you, to develop the equipment you need to have an edge on the field. As the game of football has progressed over the years, so has our equipment. From our original spring sleds, which were designed on the basis of controlled pressure to teach the fundamentals of football, to the innovative Pro Arm mount system to teach hitting on the rise with proper extension, World Sporting Goods has the equipment you need.

In 2010, World Sporting Goods entered a new era for the organization by selling to the Rogers Group of companies. This change has allowed World to continue our proud tradition of helping coach’s teach the proper football techniques and to serve you with a greater product offering and level of support so that you can achieve your goals of becoming a champion. Today, World Sporting Goods continues our customer commitment to offer quality, built to last equipment. To assure your satification we guarentee our products for longer and offer superior customer service. If you're looking to improve your performance and win football games, look no further than World Sporting Goods. The equipment used by champions!